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Acrylic Paint - 1/2 Gallon, Blue
Your Price: $18.99
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We're very excited to offer acrylic paint in convenient, money-saving half gallons!
Colorations® Acrylic Paint, 8 oz. - Set of 8
Your Price: $33.99
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This set of 8 specially-formulated, acrylic craft paint is stellar for small projects. Get amazing one-coat coverage with 8 oz. each of 8 brilliant colors: black, blue, brown, green, purple, red, white and yellow.
Sargent Art® Acrylic Paints, 8 oz. - Set of 8
Your Price: $37.99
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Sargent Art® Acrylic Paints are vividly colored, water- resistant and can be used on almost any surface for superb coverage and durability. Dries to a permanent finish, but cleans up easily with soap and water before paint dries. Comes in a convenient squeeze bottle for easy dispensing. Great for personalizing flower pots, bird houses and other outdoor decorations. AP Certified. Set of 8 colors includes: black, brown, white, green, blue, violet, red and yellow.
Acrylic Paint - 1/2 Gallon
Your Price: $18.99
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We're very excited to offer acrylic paint in convenient, money-saving half gallons!

Colorations® Colored Puffy Paints, 8oz. - Set of 6
Your Price: $25.99
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Winner of Dr. Toy's "10 Best Creative Products for 2001" Award. Create colorful three-dimensional art using Colorations® Colored Puffy Paint. No need to premix. Puffy Paint is a water-based, latex-free acrylic paint. Use on any surface that can be safely heated in a microwave oven or ironed. Activity guide included. Set contains all 6 colors: blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow in 8-oz. bottles. Hand wash fabric and lay flat to dry. Bottles are ...

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